How to sign up and tryouts

Tryout dates:

Tryouts will be discussed in discord chat and agreed with the player. Tryouts will take place each day from 7 pm – 10 pm. Please be ready on our discussed time! If you are unable to attend either date please talk to the leader.

Tryout location:

Tryouts will be held in rocket league private match. The conversations will be with the leader, either in discord call or rocket league chat (what player prefer). Player must be joined our discord server and requested a tryout ticket. Players will play remotely on their own devices. Discord server: https://discord.gg/fWcVuvjumQ 


  1. A ranked rocket league account.
  2. Must join voice chat and be able to hear what leader says. 
    2. Access to a computer or console that can run Rocket League.
    3. Must have requested a ticket in our tryout channel on discord.
    4. Must be a current or incoming truly student.
    5. Must be available on at planned time (Mostly around 8-10 pm).

What we look at in the tryout. 

Here are some of the things we will be assessing during the tryout:

  1. Can you perform a speed flick? Show us your ability to execute a quick and effective flick to surprise your opponents.
  2. Can you replicate flicks like Musty, Breezie, Classy, or JZR? Demonstrate your creativity and technique by performing these impressive maneuvers inspired by these Rocket League legends.
  3. Can you execute a wall-to-air dribble? Show us your precision and fluidity as you control the ball along the wall and convert it into an aerial dribble.
  4. Can you perform a flip reset and a Musty flip reset? Showcase your skills in executing the flip reset maneuver and its variant, the Musty flip reset, by making the ball touch your car multiple times during an aerial maneuver.
  5. Can you demonstrate air control by performing an airwheel from the left to the right goal without hitting the ground? Show us your agility and accuracy in the air as you navigate from one side of the field to the other without touching the ground.
  6. We will also have a 1v1 match to evaluate your individual skills, decision-making, and adaptability in different situations.

How do I register to tryout?

Navigate to the “tryout” channel in discord server. Press “create a ticket” above and you will get in contact of one of our leaders and we will find a time (usually around 7-10 pm)🙂

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